What should a good language teacher be like?

Philological education and pedagogical preparation are not the only aspects required in the profession of a language teacher. In addition to professional competence, a good teacher should have many personality values that will allow him to skillfully and effectively perform his profession.

Teaching involves constant contact with people of all ages. Teacher should remember about the high didactic and educational responsibility of the teaching profession. Being often a role model for students, a person who has a huge impact on their learning and further education, the teacher is committed to continuous work on himself, improve his skills and knowledge.

A teacher who wants to do his job well should also face his students’ assessment and not let this opinion influence his behavior. He must show professionalism and try to be resistant to criticism. It is worth remembering that he is a specialist in this field and shares his knowledge and experience with those willing to master a subject. If he does it skillfully and his students achieve their goal, he will be able to feel great satisfaction with the work done.

How to achieve it and be a good teacher in the eyes of learners? It is worth working on some attributes that characterize an exemplary teacher.

First of all, the lector must remember that he is a specialist in his field in students eyes. Therefore, he should always be well prepared to teach lessons, infallible in his words, but at the same time showing the will to constantly develop and improve knowledge.

Despite the didactic preparation and good knowledge of the subject being taught, the teacher can not forget about the role he plays and about his tasks, such as: preparing the course and materials for its implementation, observing students and helping them during learning, assessing their progress or motivation during teaching. He should also be able to skillfully change roles and adapt to different situations.

Nevertheless, the teacher’s work style is important. The organization of the teaching process and the approach to managing this process may take various forms.

It can be an approach that focuses mainly on achieved results, discipline in the teaching process and obedience to the tasks of the learner. Working in this style does not take into account students’ needs and ideas, which may result in a counterproductive result, and a teacher who uses such teaching methods may simply be disliked by his or her listeners.

A more gentle form of the above-mentioned style will be an approach to students as a parent or an older colleague. Lector is still the dominant person, but he tries to explain his reasons and help and support students in the learning process.

The most-liked type of teacher is a teacher who tries to make friends with students, discuss with them on various topics, learn their opinions and take them into account even when it comes to the course and the course. Unfortunately, this teaching style also has its drawbacks. Above all, a lector trying to please may be less respected among learners.

It is worth noting that the younger students, the more appreciated the teacher is nice, happy and open. The vocational competence of the learner and his professionalism become more important for older people. Expectations for the teacher can change with the age of learners. When teaching a group of people of all ages, it is worth remembering.

In addition to teaching skills and substantive teacher preparation, the way of communicating with students is also important in the teaching process. The teacher’s qualities required by the learners will be his personality traits, character and temperament. Therefore, empathy is an extremely important value, valued at the foreign language teacher. The lecturer should be open to the needs of students, tolerant and forgiving. It is also important that he can be guided by intuition and accurately read signals from learners.

It must not be forgotten that students also pay attention to the teacher’s appearance, attitude, charisma and how to move and speak. So let’s work on these non-verbal qualities to create an image of a teacher who, in every aspect, does his job well.

Not every learner is a teacher by vocation. Those who want to become a good teacher should constantly improve their image and work on both substantive competences and personality traits.


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