We are a language school focused mainly on teaching Polish as a foreign language.

Our offer is directed to foreigners working in Poland or planning to move to.

Thanks to our many years of experience teaching foreigners, employees of the largest companies, institutions and diplomatic missions in the country, we offer professional language training at the highest level, tailored to the needs, level of language proficiency and work schedule of our clients.

We offer comprehensive language courses: individual and for groups; in-company trainings or in a place chosen by the student, and also online courses via Skype or Zoom. We can also organize lessons at our office at Krakowskie Przedmieście 79
in the very center of Warsaw

We develop personalized courses and curricula. We are open to the needs and ideas of our students. Therefore, we consider the possibility of modifying the course at any time to fit it perfectly to our clients needs.

We provide support to corporate clients in planning courses and proper methodical care, regardless of their business profile.

We find the optimal solutions both in terms of organizing and conducting the training, as well as the best methods and learning materials that will help our clients improve their language skills.

We are also characterized by our flexibility, which is why we will adapt to your needs the schedule of our classes and their intensity. We schedule meetings that are convenient for students.

We monitor closely the learning process of our students. For this purpose, we prepare reports with their progress, attendance and satisfaction.

Our teaching materials are chosen carefully by our teachers to ensure the best possible quality of teaching, we try to choose appropriate teaching materials and techniques.

Our teachers team consists of qualified, experienced and, what is most important, instructors full of passion for languages.

We value a professional approach, flexibility and a pleasant process of language learning.

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