Why do people want to learn Polish?

Polish is one of the most difficult languages in the world, yet every year the number of people who begin Polish language studies increases. The question is WHY?

Polish partner

One of the reasons many people cite for moving to Poland is to be with their Polish partner. Most communicate with them in English, Spanish, German or any other language — rarely in Polish. After a while, as the relationship deepens, many decide to go to a language school to learn Polish. In a sense, they are showing respect to their partners by learning their language. Some also might want to communicate with their future mother- or father-in-law, who in most cases, don’t know the suitor’s foreign language very well.


People move to Poland for any number of different reasons. After coming here, many decide to stay longer or, perhaps, stay permanently. While it’s possible to live in a big city like Warsaw without knowing any Polish, the truth is, if a person is in Poland for an extended period of time, it’s a bit awkward if the only words they know are “Dziękuję,” “Przepraszam,” “Cześć,” “Dzień dobry” and “Do widzenia.” Not having even a basic knowledge of the language can be embarrassing.


Because Poland is a great place for business investment and growth, many foreigners see real opportunities here. In addition, a growing number of CEOs come to Poland to manage their companies and upon arriving, find that they can benefit by learning the language. Such executives are often looking for Polish language schools which offer courses in Business Polish. That trend continues to grow.


Compared to other countries in European Union, the cost of education in Poland is inexpensive, yet the quality of teaching is high. Boasting world-famous schools like Jagiellonian University, University of Warsaw and Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland draws students from throughout the world. And, even if one’s studies are mostly in English, after living at least five years in the country, a person should speak Polish. Imagine showing your diploma from a Polish institution and having someone ask about your level of  language proficiency. What will you say? I was too lazy to study Polish? 


People entering the workforce today are more ambitious than ever. They want to have the best diplomas/certificates and a huge knowledge base to make them attractive in a competitive job market. Wouldn’t it be great to show your potential employer that you’ve learned one of the most challenging languages in the world? Who wouldn’t want to have this superpower? 

These are the reasons which our students cite most often for learning Polish. Do you have a different one? What is your motivation to start a Polish language course?




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  1. an interesting article



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